Supertech - Valves - 80lb Dual Springs - Ti Retainers - Fits Bmw M50 S50 M52 M54

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Supertech - Valves - 80lb Dual Springs - Ti Retainers - Fits BMW M50 S50 M52 M54


Brand New Supertech Performance STD Size Single Groove Valves, Dual Valve Springs, Titanium Retainer Set Fits: BMW - M50, S50, M52, M54 24v EnginesSupertech Valves:Includes: Complete Set of 24 Single Groove Valves (12 Intake and 12 Inconel Exhaust Valves) and 48 Single Groove KeepersSupertech Part # BMIVN-1030S - Intake - STD Size - Dished Face - Single GrooveIntake Valve Specs - 33.0mm Head Diameter - 5.97mm Stem Diameter - 106.10mm LengthSupertech Part # BMEVI-1030S - Exhaust - STD Size - Dish...



  • Condition: New

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Location: 32773, Sanford, Florida

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